Lithium Polymer Batteries Application

Allrun LiPo battery is used in a wide range of applications, including wearable products, medical devices, hardware detector prototypes, smart and high-tech designs, and electronic devices. Allrun Rechargeable battery will help improve the convenience and performance of Medical Equipments with its high energy efficiency, energy density, and longer battery life.

Medical Battery Application

Lithium batteries are small, lightweight and, due to a high energy density, have a long life. Batteries play an increasingly significant role in the overall safety, performance, and reliability of many medical devices.

RC Hobby Battery Application

Allrun produces high-performance high discharge  lipo batteries for aerial drones, agricultural plant protection drones, emergency start power supplies, model aircraft, RC cars ,RC airplanes,RC boats,FPV,power tools and etc.

Wearable Battery Application

Allrun high energy density rechargeable shaped battery can fit into all available space in your product for maximum efficiency, it will empower you against your competition.And we are the industry leading manufacturer of custom shaped wearable batteries, we have been cooperating with many of the top 500 companies in the world.

Industrial Battery Application

While consumer products demand high energy density to obtain slim and elegant designs, industry focuses on durability and reliability. Industrial batteries are commonly bulkier than those used in consumer products but achieve a longer service life.

Low Temperature Battery Application

The average working temperature of a battery is about 0~40 degrees Celsius. So in the case of very low temperature, how can we make the equipments work normally? Then low Temperature battery is a very good solution, providing reliable power for the continuous operation of equipments

IOT & Smart Home Battery Application

 If there is a power outage or circuit failure, the smart home will only be a traditional ordinary home. To prevent this from happening, smart home or IOT devices need to be equipped with batteries. 

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