Medical Battery
Allrun specializes in designing and manufacturing lithium polymer batteries for portable medical devices and e-health products.

Why Need Medical Batteries ?

Lithium batteries are small, lightweight and, due to a high energy density, have a long life. Batteries play an increasingly significant role in the overall safety, performance, and reliability of many medical devices.This makes them ideal for medical devices and medical electrical equipment.

As the new intelligent medical devices themselves become smaller, more portable, and more widely used in the home,they can intelligently and rationally select the tracking and treatment method according to the needs of different patients, and can move flexibly to facilitate the application and operation of different populations in different locations and different environments. 

With more medical devices becoming computerized, compact, and mobile,the number of battery powered medical devices will continue to increase.

Why Choose Allrun Batteries ?

Medical equipment is gradually becoming smaller and lighter, and mobile medical work such as on-site rescue and patient transfer is changing. Allrun lithium batteries have the advantages of high energy density, long life, good battery capacity retention, small size, light weight,  wide operating temperature range, and so on, so our batteries can meet the requirements for lightweight and mobility of portable medical equipment.

Which Kind of Batteries Can Be Used for Medical ?

Medical Batteries Applications

Lithium batteries are used to power a number of medical devices and medical electrical equipment: hearing aids, pacemakers, surgical tools, medical defibrillators, robots, infusion pumps, monitors, and meters are just some examples of medical devices that have benefited from implementing lithium batteries into their design and function.

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