What are the robot batteries? Who is the professional robot battery manufacturer?

This article mainly introduces the characteristics of robot batteries and the professional robot battery manufacturers.


A robot is an intelligent machine that can work semi-autonomously or fully autonomously. It has basic characteristics such as perception, decision-making, and execution. It can assist or even replace humans to complete dangerous, heavy, and complex tasks, improve work efficiency and quality, serve human life, and expand or extend the scope of human activities and capabilities. No matter how intelligent the robot is, it cannot escape the fate of needing battery power, just like people always need to eat food to provide energy for activities.

So, what kind of battery does the robot use? The more commonly used robot batteries on the market are generally nickel-metal hydride batteries, lead-acid batteries, and lithium batteries.


robot batteries

NiMH Robot Battery

 Robots that use NiMH batteries as power energy are generally some low-end toy robots, because this type of robot is not expensive first, and the manufacturing cost must be limited. In terms of battery price, nickel-metal hydride batteries are a better choice. Toy robots do not require large capacity and high current discharge, and the safety requirements are relatively high. Nickel-metal hydride batteries just meet this requirement.

Lead-acid Robot Battery

Robots using lead-acid batteries are basically robots that do not need to be moved, because lead-acid batteries are very bulky and it is very inconvenient to install them on mobile robots. Lead-acid batteries are generally used as backup power sources. In addition, their installation and application costs are relatively low, the monomer consistency is relatively good, and they have a long history of development. The technology is relatively mature compared to lithium batteries, so they have certain advantages in industrial applications. However, due to its serious environmental pollution hazards and its disadvantages for sustainable development, it is currently being slowly replaced by lithium iron phosphate batteries.

Lithium Robot Battery

Lithium-ion batteries are generally used for special purposes such as intelligent service robots, entertainment and competitive robots, or exploration and bomb disposal. First of all, these robots are not sensitive to the cost of choosing batteries. At the same time, they require batteries to be relatively light, have relatively large capacity, provide large current discharge, and ensure long life. Then soft-pack lithium-ion batteries are a more suitable choice. There are two types of soft-pack lithium-ion batteries: soft-pack polymer lithium batteries and soft-pack lithium iron phosphate batteries. Of these two types of lithium batteries, polymer lithium batteries are superior to lithium iron phosphate batteries in terms of energy density (capacity), high current discharge and low temperature performance. Therefore, they are more commonly used in some competitive robots and special-purpose robots.

Introduction to robot battery manufacturers

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