FPV Drone Battery

Allrunbattery is a global leading FPV drone battery manufacturer, who strives to empower more people to enjoy the benefits of the latest rechargeable lithium-ion battery technology.

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Allrun FPV Drone Batteries

120C FPV Battery

  1. Battery size: 50*36*73mm
  2. Voltage: 22.2V
  3. Capacity: 1300mAh
  4. Charge current: 1C
  5. Discharge current: 120C
  6. Max discharge current: 240C
  7. XT60 connector or on demand

150C FPV Battery

  1. Battery size: 58*44*135mm
  2. Voltage: 22.8V
  3. Capacity: 6200mAh
  4. Charge current: 2C
  5. Discharge current: 150C
  6. Max discharge current: 300C
  7. Connector: on demand

Why choose AllrunBattery ?

Socially Accountable

We at AllrunBattery understands that business is not only mesured in ecomomic metrics, but also our enviromental and social impact. we are committed preserve the enviroment and play our part in the global efort to reduce greenhouse gas and promote sustainable development.


The overarching theme of AllrunBattery's R&D strategy is to provide our customers with better & safer batteries. We manufacture customized lithium-ion batteries, discharge rates ranging from 1C ~150C, working temperature from -50°C~80°C, the shape can be curve, round, ultra-thin, etc.​

Cell Packing Technology

AllrunBattery creates a controlled method for higher quality and uniformity of each batch.Use the automatic taping technology, it is anti-leakage, waterproof, sound insulation and heat insulation. It's 3 times higher than the traditional operation mode, greatly improves work efficiency and accuracy.

How We Assure Quality

The in-house quality management team at AllrunBattey are a band of dedicated professionals equipped with the latest technology and top quality instruments.Our quality is assured by 7 independently managed teams working seamlessly together in multi-layer quality assurance structure.

Our Valued Customers

Our Customers love us learn what they have to say about our services

No complaints! Our customers enjoy these RC lipo batteries! Thank AllrunBattery .
Donald William
Allrun RC batteries are the best performance I bought, the samples had passed our testing, we are going to work with you!
Saget Sylvain
The RC lipo battery packs are so perfect! My devices can work 35 minutes more than other brand batteries I used before.
Essam Sulaimani
My boss is very satisfied with the RC lipo batteries! And thank you for the quick delivery time !!!
Jenifer Schutten

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