How to customize your curved LiPo battery?

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In today’s world, wearable devices are made to make our lives easier and more convenient, such as tracking our health, incorporating virtual reality, monitoring our sleeping patterns, GPS, etc. With the development of technology, they are becoming more common. Various battery shapes are required for wearable electronic products, and users demand longer battery life. To date, it has been believed that a lithium polymer battery (lipo) is the best choice for powering electronic wearable devices. As well as this, battery technology is becoming more advanced in order to achieve a higher energy density and a broader operating temperature range.

Here, we will look at some applications using curved lipo batteries. With AllrunBattery, you can design any type of special-shaped battery you need. I hope you’re able to customize your right battery successfully.


Wide Applications of Curved Battery

Special shape curved batteries are widely used in people’s work and life, providing people with a lot of help in health care and improving work efficiency, and bringing us a lot of fun in leisure and entertainment. Such as heating clothes, beauty mask, prosthetic hands, smart bracelets, smart rings, smart glasses, AR/VR/MR headsets, Bluetooth headsets, Internet of Things, etc.

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Characteristics of Special Shape Curved Battery

1. This special-shaped battery should be designed to fit the body’s contours, such as the shape of the neck, wrist, ankle, finger, etc.;

2. It is rechargeable and safe to use;

3. Being lightweight and portable is one of its advantages;

4. A long period of battery life and a low level of self-discharge;

5. Battery usage can be flexibly set according to the user’s needs.

Battery Models and Sizes Available for Curved Batteries

There are different portable wearable products that require different power and shape specifications, so the radian, thickness, width, and length of the curved battery can be customized in accordance with their requirements. In addition, there are also different electrical specifications that have to be taken into consideration. Here is a picture of what the curved battery looks like.

3.7V 45mAh 401629 Rechargeable Curved LiPo Battery Cell (1)
3.7V 18mah 150728 curved lipo battery 2
custom curved lipo battery factory

Size Ranges of Special Shape Curved Batteries

1. Inner arc length is from 20mm to 50mm

2. Radius (R) ≥28.5mm

3. Rounded corners(e) ≤175°

4. Thickness is 2mm to 6mm

5. Width is from 6mm to 50mm

The capacity range is 20mAh~1800mAh and the full voltage can be 4.2V/4.3V/4.4V which depends on your smart device. Custom battery solutions are welcome and available.

The advantages of Allun’s custom-shaped batteries

1. High quality, good performance, and can meet different certifications (such as CB, UL, KC, BIS, UN38.3, etc.);

2. High safety, high energy density and lightweight;

3. OEM and ODM services are available;

4. More existing models are available.

5. Single custom li-polymer battery cell or with the battery management system that prevents over-charging and over-discharging.

Allrun specializes in creating special-shaped batteries, freeing creativity and invention from batteries, and helping Fortune 500 companies produce and sell their products successfully. Besides curved batteries, Allrun can also help you customize other shapes, such as round lipo batteries, C-shaped lipo batteries, ultra-narrow batteries, trapezoidal batteries, etc. You just need to tell us what shape, capacity, and working current of the lithium-ion polymer battery you want, then our engineers will tailor the battery solution for you. Please feel free to contact and tell us about the battery you need.

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