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Allrun Battery Packs

Battery packs are any number of individual batteries arranged in series or parallel to provide required power to electronic devices. When designing a battery pack the specific application will dictate the required voltage and current. Individual cells can be scaled up and down and used in different combinations to create output voltages and currents that meet the needs of the application. When individual cells are arranged in series the voltage adds up. When they are arranged in parallel the currents add up. The most typical type of battery used in battery packs is lithium ion due to their high power density. The application of battery packs is wide ranging from phones to lawn mowers to automobiles.

Battery Features


Meet the requirements of ROHS, CE, UL, UN38. 3, MSDS and other certification.

Long cycle life

Specific energy density up to 458Wh/L light weight.

High energy density

Specific energy density up to 458Wh/L light weight.

Wide operating temperature

Can be used at temperature -40 ℃~60 ℃ or 20 ℃~65 ℃.


The thickness can be as thin as 0.4mm.

Fast charge ability

Support 3C quick charge, maximum C-rate can reach 40C.

Lithium Battery Performance

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Three steps to success.


Quick Sampling Service

Our stacking technology provides the ability to produce rechargeable battery samples in a short amount of time, which is faster than the traditional winding method. 


Comprehensive Battery Test

Except the standard test, we we also perform a complete test to ensure a better display of test data such as IR, voltage, performance, discharge temperature, storage, discharge rate, safety, etc.


Strong R&D capability

We have lots of options with regular batteries and shaped-batteries. We also have a sample line assembly and a comprehensive performance testing laboratory for our raw materials, cells, and battery packs.


Allrun produces high-performance lithium ion battery packs for requirements of higher capacity or voltage, such as UPS systerm, medical devices, e-bikes, e-skateboard ,e-scooter,power tools, and other power storage systems.. Our R&D team works closely with clients to provide the best solution for their batteries.

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Allrun special technologies and manufacturing experience help us produce safe rechargeable lithium batteries,which can maintain stable operating voltage and capacity. For further evaluation, please send us your device’s internal space dimension of battery.We can customize a lithium battery to fit your requirements.


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