What are the classifications of medical lithium batteries? Which manufacturer of medical lithium batteries is the best?

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As the core energy supply device of wireless medical equipment, medical lithium batteries are self-evident in their safety and reliability. There are many types of lithium batteries for medical equipment. This article will introduce the types and manufacturers of medical equipment batteries in details to you.


Classification of medical lithium batteries

1. In terms of types of lithium batteries, medical instrument batteries mainly include ordinary lithium-ion batteries, lithium iron phosphate batteries, and high-performance polymer lithium batteries. Which lithium battery to use mainly depends on the medical instrument’s requirements for lithium batteries. Specific requirements for performance.

2. In terms of lithium battery discharge performance, medical instrument batteries include conventional discharge batteries, high-rate discharge batteries, low-temperature batteries, etc. Your battery can be customized for specific applications of electronic medical equipment.

3. In terms of lithium battery shape, medical instruments mainly include cylindrical steel case lithium batteries, square aluminum case lithium batteries and soft pack lithium batteries. The first two types are suitable for electronic medical instruments because the cell shape is fixed. Not many, soft-pack lithium batteries are different, because the shape of soft-pack lithium batteries can be customized in a variety of ways, so it can be applied to most medical instruments.

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Introduction of the medical battery manufacturer

AllrunBattery is a top 100 industrial enterprise in Shenzhen integrating battery design, R&D, production and sales. At the same time, AllrunBattery is also a national high-tech enterprise and a Shenzhen high-tech enterprise.

At present, the AllrunBattery factory covers an area of about 150,000 square meters and has more than 1,000 employees. The daily production capacity of lithium polymer batteries is 500,000Ah, including nearly 80 engineering R&D technicians. AllrunBattery, a customized manufacturer of lithium batteries for medical instruments, mainly produces soft-pack lithium batteries, including soft-pack lithium iron phosphate batteries and soft-pack polymer lithium batteries. These two types of lithium batteries also include conventional batteries, low-temperature batteries, high-rate batteries can provide customized services based on customers’ comprehensive actual needs for medical instrument lithium batteries.

AllrunBattery currently has a series of batteries such as low-temperature batteries, high-rate batteries, high-voltage batteries, modular batteries, large-capacity batteries, fast-charging batteries, battery packs, and special-shaped batteries. The products are involved in many industries, and the battery products have been unanimously recognized by customers and users inside and outside the industry.

Features of AllrunBattery high rate medical lithium polymer battery

AllrunBattery conventional lithium batteries have the characteristics of high current discharge, high reliability, high capacity, high safety, long cycle life, low self-discharge, and high energy density. Among them, high-rate soft-pack lithium batteries have the following characteristics:

1. It has the characteristics of large current discharge, excellent performance, sufficient explosive power, high discharge platform, and good cycle life.

2. The continuous discharge rate can meet from 5C to 160C , and 5C fast charging capabilities.

3. It has high energy density and adopts lamination process. Because of its small internal resistance, it is more conducive to rate charging and discharging, and has high-efficiency output performance.

4. Ultra-thin features, small battery size, extremely light weight, can be made into special-shaped batteries of various shapes and capacities, with a minimum thickness of 0.5mm.

Features of AllrunBattery soft pack LiFePO4 medical battery

1. High temperature discharge has better temperature stability and tolerance, and the operating temperature range is -20℃ to 70℃.

2. Ultra-thin features, light weight, flexible size and shape, and can be adapted to a variety of applications.

3. Using lamination production technology, it has higher performance in terms of power, discharge and life cycle.

4. Good safety performance, high cycle life, 2000+ cycle life.

5. Able to achieve 150C pulse discharge, 90C discharge for 2 seconds, 45C continuous discharge and 5C fast charging voltage.

6. The voltage, shape and capacity can be customized as needed, and the thickness can reach 0.5mm.

The above is the classification of medical instrument lithium batteries summarized by lithium polymer battery manufacturer AllrunBattery and the introduction of the best medical instrument lithium battery manufacturers. If you need to customize your lithium battery,  please do not hesitate to contact info@allrunbattery.com.

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