What is a lithium polymer battery? What are the characteristics of lithium polymer batteries?

what is a lipo battery

Lithium polymer battery is also called LiPo battery. Compared with other batteries, it has high energy, miniaturization and lightweight. It is a chemical battery. Lithium polymer batteries are ultra-thin in shape and can be made into batteries of different shapes and capacities to meet the needs of some products. The theoretical minimum thickness of this type of battery can reach 0.5mm. What are the characteristics of lithium polymer batteries? What are the characteristics of lithium polymer batteries?

After years of development, lithium polymer batteries have various battery forms, including conventional lithium polymer batteries and unconventional lithium polymer batteries. Unconventional lithium polymer batteries have low temperatures, high rates, high voltage, and fast charge and so on. The following lithium polymer battery characteristics mainly refer to conventional lithium polymer batteries.


Characteristics of the normal lithium polymer batteries

Improve the night leakage situation.

Before the advent of lithium polymer batteries, leakage was common in many batteries. Most of the leaked liquids were harmful substances and would affect the environment. The organic solvent electrolyte or semi-solid electrolyte of lithium polymer battery greatly improves this situation. But it’s not a 100% solution.

Battery shape can be customized

Due to the particularity of the electrolyte of lithium polymer batteries, it can change its shape at will. This is a big benefit for special-shaped batteries. Because it can be made thinner, smaller, and lighter.

Single battery cell has high voltage

In order to obtain high voltage for batteries with liquid electrolytes, batteries must be connected in series. Not an ideal choice in large quantities. Lithium polymer batteries can be combined into multiple layers within a single cell to achieve high voltage.

High discharge capacity

 Theoretically, the discharge capacity of lithium polymer batteries will be about 10% higher than that of lithium-ion batteries of the same size.

Low safety hazards

The lithium polymer battery battery itself is packaged in aluminum plastic, and the electrolyte is still solid or semi-solid. Therefore, there is much less risk of battery explosion than many electrolyte batteries.

Characteristics of high-rate lithium polymer batteries

  1. It has the characteristics of large current discharge, excellent performance, sufficient explosive power, high discharge platform and good cycle life;
  2. The discharge rate can meet the pulse 150C, 45C continuous discharge, and 5C fast charging capabilities;
  3. It has high energy density and adopts lamination technology. Its small internal resistance is more conducive to rate charging and discharging and high-efficiency output performance;
  4. Higher discharge rate, up to 45C; instantaneous discharge up to 150C;
  5. Ultra-thin features, small battery size, extremely light weight, can be made into special-shaped batteries of various shapes and capacities, with a minimum thickness of 0.4mm.

Characteristics of high voltage lithium polymer battery


  1. High energy density and longer battery life, up to 15% longer than ordinary batteries;
  2. The discharge platform is high and stable, and frequent use does not affect the battery life;
  3. Under the same magnification and size conditions, the battery energy density increases by about 15%;
  4. The rate cycle performance can maintain 80% of the original capacity after 300 times;
  5. Conduct reliability experiments by simulating actual use, which can meet the service life of 3 years and meet the needs of high and low temperatures and different magnification requirements for power industry applications;
  6. It has the capability of large-scale mass production and the battery core has good consistency.

Characteristics of low-temperature lithium polymer batteries


  1. High low-temperature discharge performance, with a minimum discharge of 0.2C at -50°C and an efficiency of over 60%; and a discharge capacity of 80% at a temperature of 0.2C at -40°C;
  2. Excellent low-temperature cycle performance, charge and discharge at -30°C at 0.5C, and the capacity remains above 85% after 300 cycles;
  3. The size is flexible and can be customized in size and shape according to customer needs;
  4. High safety performance, passed UL/CE/UN certification;
  5. It has the capability of mass production and the battery has good consistency.

Characteristics of fast-charging lithium polymer battery

  1. It can reach 3C to 5C charging speed, which is three to five times faster than conventional battery charging time, saving charging time and improving battery usage efficiency;
  2. The charging temperature is stable and the surface temperature does not exceed 65 degrees Celsius;
  3. Durable and can be quickly charged more than 500 times and still maintain 80% capacity;
  4. Safe and reliable, compliant with IEC, UL, PSE, UN38.3 and other lithium battery safety standards.

The above is an introduction to what lithium polymer batteries are and the characteristics of lithium polymer batteries brought to you by lithium battery manufacturer AllrunBattery.

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